More than 20 years involved in the windsurfing world and very ample experience working with all kinds of fibers, resins, paints and endless other materials utilized in the construction and repair of sea-faring vessels and nautical objects all give us the absolute confidence to face any kind of repair, modification or remodeling with total guarantee.

Boards that are broken in two, severe delamination on the bridge and deck, repair or modifications to the footstraps and their placement, replacing mast box/rails, fin boxes and repairing of all types of digs, cracks, breakages (many of which caused by faulty previous repairs)… etc… We repair anything you can imagine.

En booms we can modify clews, repair partial or total break on the arm of the boom, as well as regripping in different finishing options.

Also, we can perform small mast repairs, such as fissures in places that don’t affect the behavior, performance, nor reliability of the mast, while maintaining the assurance that the repair will be done with total satisfactory results.

The fins and fin heads can very often be repaired, as long as the performance of the fin and especially your safety won’t be affected.

Series of before and after photos showing a delamination and indented board repair.
Broken bow repair from being hit by the mast, as well as the graphics redo with their corresponding colors.