Development of the Gregor Slalom SL fin range is based on the coming together of the best angles, profiles and combination of different layers of fibers, positioned in the exact, proper way to achieve the best loads and flexes in just the right places. They are geared towards pure performance, while keeping in mind the needs of diverse riders and conditions.

The differences within the fin range isn’t apparent to the naked eye, however on the water, the differences are noticed once the demands of sailing come into play. By combining the right corresponding parameters, different fin reactions are obtained to improve the performance in one course or another directions.

You have the possibility of choosing between two production types: SL and SLpro. The difference lies in the number of layers of carbon fiber on the inside. The SLpro is more reactive and about 15% to 20% lighter (depending on the size) and provides you with better performance in certain situations.

Where they are the same is in production quality. The fiber cutting, the placement of the molds done in CAD/3D is all a manual process. The end finish is a personal endeavor, a very delicate artisanal task, done by hand with the utmost care and thought to offer a product of the highest possible quality.

The SL1 is made especially for light wind. It has extraordinary power helping achieve an immediate response to planing, accelerating and an outstanding pointing ability.
The SL2 is ideal for beam reaching or for figure eight slalom courses, thanks to its quick acceleration after jibing the buoy, as well as having a wide range of use in all kinds of conditions.
The SL3 is currently the most evolved of the range.

It possesses exceptional control and performance and in fast reaches, its speed is limitless.