Gregor fins is the result of passion and experience... Half a lifetime windsurfing and many years working in the carbon fiber and resin sectors professionally, have mixed together perfectly to produce a specific line of products for true windsurfing fanatics. Whether you are the most demanding sailor, or your only intention is just to enjoy your time on the water, our commitment is the same: To guarantee total reliability and maximum performance.

All Gregor Fins products are developed by and for windsurfers, as only we know what it is that we want. And with Gregor Fins you get it all: performance that is exhaustively tried and tested and the reassurance of products made with a specific purpose and with the best materials available.

Guaranteed by the experience and passion placed in each Gregor product.

Fins and booms developed out of the experience of windsurfers involved in the search for the best solutions for even the most demanding riders. Fins with profiles, rakes and flex developed and evolved in different sailing conditions come together perfectly with impecable manufacturing, using specific molds, one by one with dedication and attention in a production proccess that is carefully controled from start to finish. The range of Gregor fins Slalom SL and Raceboard RB offer you máximum speed and acceleration while maintaining absolute control.

Our hand-crafted booms have the perfect balance between stiffness and weight.

And naturally, all of our Gregor products are manufactured with exceptional reliability, backed up by more then 20 year of experience.

Jobs that seem imposible are just personal and profesional challenges. When what you want is to find the best solution to the most difficult repairs you can imagine, you need to be able to rely on professionalism, experience, the best materials, but above all, eagerness to solve all types of problems.

Practically anything can be fixed, but one must be able to find the best solution and know how to utilize the correct materiales in the right way. And of course, if there is any doubt regarding the end result of any given repair, or the repair is not recomendable, either because we can’t guarantee the durability or finished product, we will avoid taking on those jobs in the first place.

We demand the best out of our work and pride ourselves on the quality of each and every product and job we do.